WEB UI Treasure Chest v 1.0

ARRRRR!!!  Say hello to our treasure chest, which contain more than +100 elements for website design. Full PSD layered file, most of files are fully editable. Big part of this files contains elements “you don’t wanna waste time on” like bullets, arrows, scrollers, checkboxes, etc, some typical stuff, but also some lovely elements :)

I’ve noticed some of people have no idea how to use those buttons and forms, for those who don’t know, two ways:
1) You take button from this PSD and drop to your PSD and change any colors in LAYER STYLE!!
2)If you just want to take the style of any button or form and put on your shape – find the layer with button/form you need, click with right mouse button on layer and click in menu ‘Copy layer style’. now go to your shape you want to paste style to – again on layer right button but chose – Paste layer style, that’s all folks!

Chest contains:
  1. Cursors
  2. Checkboxes
  3. Radio Buttons
  4. Buttons
  5. Forms
  6. Ribbons
  7. Page Corners
  8. Calendar (I hate to make it every f****ng time)
  9. Scrollbars
  10. Signs
  11. Tooltips bubbles
  12. Small elements like bullets, arrows, paypal logo, visa etc
ZIP. 2.52 MB

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